Download for Apple iOS or Android free.

With ZE evolution application, the boundaries between the real and the virtual world disappear. Wheter a buyer or an engineer – get inspired by 3D presentation of a hoist gear of ZE series, while taking into account various designs, including appropriate add-on-parts.

augmented reality mode | viewing the products in a real environment through physical movements of the device used

virtual reality mode | viewing the products in a constructed environment through finger gestures

You can decide for yourself where to go!

Download for Apple iOS or Android free.

In a few steps to the goal:

  1. Download the free ZE Evolution application from the App Store or Google Play. The app is available for all iOS devices from version 9.0 (iPhone/iPad) and devices with Android from version 6.0 Marshmallow.
  2. The start screen allows you to choose between 3D & AR view modes. To display the contents in a real evironment (AR), please scan the front page of the current catalogue with your mobile device. For this purpose, hold it in a distance of 20-30cm above the cover and move it slightly. A ZE series hoist gear with appropriate additional information is being loaded now and is waiting to be discovered by you.